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"Willing Umbrella Before Rain, willing Insurance Before Disaster"

"Not out of it, her husband had a stroke last year and continues at the Parkinson's symptoms. From September until now, every month he has to spend the money to buy drugs for 20 million per month, excluding hospital costs. Luckily her husband have insurance and replacement adequate treatment so it does not need to go bankrupt because of it. my other sister every year must pay about 200 million per year for the fourth time the hospital with an average treatment duration of about 10 days ... "

That passage is a brother of us, let's say his name mottled, in a mailing list. He tells about his family experience to face "health disaster". Hundreds of millions suddenly costs to be mobilized, because the disaster came uninvited.

Fortunately, there is insurance that provides relief. ... But, what insurance really is not it?

Simple, our favorite information sources, opening a basic knowledge of what is meant by "insurance". More or less like this he said: "Insurance - in law and economics - is a form of risk management by way of exchange value of the losses - to sacrifice some to reduce the impact of large losses."

Insurance is actually realizing anticipatory attitude, just like us time to provide an umbrella when the weather was overcast, or to use glasses at the time blazing sun. When we can calculate how likely a bad thing was rising - such as car sales kala kendaaran tersenggol increased - then the insurance will become an umbrella that reduces [not eliminate] a sense of loss arising from such could happen. 

We certainly do not want bad things to happen. And insurance is a mental bridge so we can provide enough time to complete when there are more things we've calculated as a drawback merintang come. 

But the Indonesian people still believe in superstition .. Whereas ngakunya religion, but not believers. Instead he ordered insured precedes fear God. Yet God did not you give us a brain to think. Because the age-old earth, disaster is a familiar part of the human life. 

It feels, I rarely hear people live without ever passing the time performing. Extreme example is the recent earthquake event occurs or infotainment reports on television about the artist who suddenly fell ill so had to rely on donations colleagues. In fact, if you can, you see, we not use donated people, yes? 

Hence, generally companies are now using insurance services to ensure the health of employees. In addition, the Government is also promoting the Social Security program that can be utilized by employees participating in the program. The good, the government requires every employee to include employees in the program. We do not have reason to fear superstition. Yes, iyalah ... 

That should be feared is not it only God. And God is angry not possible if we use our common sense.

If you see an article on Wikipedia before, we are driven to see the history of insurance. We will understand that in ancient times, almost 4000 years ago, insurance grown since the era glory days of Babylon, Persia, until the Roman Empire. At that time, insurance is a symbol of the commitment that the authorities would protect a group activity, or public safety. 

Habits indicate any commitment to protect this continues and develops in Europe, until in the era of the mid-to later in the early modern era. At that time, knowledge about the system of government is stronger, meaning that humans have grown and able to unite to solve problems based on experience can appear suddenly. 

"The Fire Office" in England stood in 1680 because of the great fire of experience twenty years earlier, in the year 1666, which destroyed 13 200 homes in London. Consider, for more than 340 years ago, it took twenty years for England before triggering the need to raise the insurance business after a major disaster strikes. 

Indonesia, which is fitting for us lucky people living in the era of the Internet, can learn faster than humans in centuries past, is not;)? Insurance is a common desire to strengthen the symbol of hope for life, anticipating a repeat of events lost in a disaster. 

Natural Disaster Insurance? 

For a moment, looking back, around the early 2000's until 2004, insurance records due to natural disasters, especially by the tsunami in Aceh began to bloom scrolling. Mesi contents not directly associated with the anticipation of disaster, but because of flood damage to the tsunami, but we began to be reminded the importance of insurance in the face of a natural disaster. 

Until 2008, the site notes that the desire insurance Compass in general still needs to be improved. Unfortunately on the same page listed many readers the impression that opinions do not trust the insurance, because it considered less profitable than the type of investment or savings. 

In the visible differences compared to the effort to use self-insurance is the clarity of vision of life which change shadows uncertain future diselipi when disaster occurrence, as in previous eras. Because we know the real catastrophe is not impossible, when he struck surely we need more energy because it is faced with more problems at once. 

It's time we think of how the Indonesian people can have hope to be more independent after the disaster hit. However we must face the fact that we live in earthquake-prone country. Our country in the region called the Belt of Fire or Ring of Fire. Scary, huh .. Already knew this, of course we as intelligent beings, should react wisely. 

From television and newspapers we have already seen what effect the earthquake. Not just the physical destruction, but also the intangible such as loss of jobs, living in refugee camps or staying in your home. What if it happens to us is we do not have any preparation? Imagine the refugees who had no place to live though simple, and because the quake had to live in refugee camps. How can they be back? How can they rebuild their homes if there were no funds? 

Do not forget the diseases that arise post-disaster. Are we going to hang himself at the mercy of others? Ih, God forbid, deh. God forbid hit disaster, God forbid if you also have to live in the mercy of others. 

In the future, I promise you, my readers, for a lot more telling about the importance of insurance.

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