Articles: E-Commerce in the Insurance Industry

The implementation of electronic business processes in insurance companies in general aim for collaboration (collaborative work), tracking of working hours and production time, supporting human resource management, automated payment of employee travel, and for implementing e-learning (eg for tutorials or Internet-based employee training which enables distance learning).

Developing countries, is not participating in e-insurance real this. Effect of efficiency in the implementation of e-commerce technology in the insurance industry can be viewed from two perspectives. First, e-commerce may reduce the need for administration and management. Second, direct sales to customers may be able to reduce the cost of commissions to intermediaries (such as for an agent or broker).

Tips: 5 Tips For Small-Scale Business Insurance

Small business security needs on their investment in a business because of several risk factors in normal and small-scale businesses generally experience fear in the field of financial resources since it is generally limited.

Looking at the overall aspect, the business of security is needed for smaller businesses. Small business security needs on six different areas such as business property, liability, workers rekompensasi, theft, and other working capital. Use the overall security aspects of insurance for small businesses is the need for the businessman. Selection of insurance for small businesses depend on the likelihood of risk and local business conditions. Below is the basic tips for small business insurance:

Tips: 5 Ways of Life Insurance Premium Savings

There are five basic ways to reduce your life insurance policy. The five ways are:

a. Online purchasing and compare multiple Quotes
The amount you pay for life insurance protection depends on the number and scope of the policy, as well as age and health insurance company you choose. In order to find the best price, Make sure you buy and compare quotes from various companies. The same policy costs can vary among different insurance companies,

Articles: Trend World Insurance Business Strategy

Once insurance companies / reinsurance companies put the competition in size and the size of the capital. But in the last 10 years the competition was beginning to spread at the level of knowledge, product innovation and strategy.

Creation of new values in the insurance business began to unfold with the major challenges of insurance consumers and insurance market development itself, among others:

Articles: Time for insurance?

"Willing Umbrella Before Rain, willing Insurance Before Disaster"

"Not out of it, her husband had a stroke last year and continues at the Parkinson's symptoms. From September until now, every month he has to spend the money to buy drugs for 20 million per month, excluding hospital costs. Luckily her husband have insurance and replacement adequate treatment so it does not need to go bankrupt because of it. my other sister every year must pay about 200 million per year for the fourth time the hospital with an average treatment duration of about 10 days ... "

That passage is a brother of us, let's say his name mottled, in a mailing list. He tells about his family experience to face "health disaster". Hundreds of millions suddenly costs to be mobilized, because the disaster came uninvited.